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European and American Costume Resource Links

From Renaissance to Edwardian.

Costume History Research

19th Century

American West in Photographs

Costume Institute Fashion Plates - from the Metropolitan Museum of Art

French Courtesan Cora Pearl

Old Sturbridge Villiage - Living History Museum of 18th & 19th Century American Life

The People History - timeline of major milestones in History

Vassar College Costume Collection - Student research projects on historic fashion

18th Century

 Dress Up - Historic American Clothing (Includes 19th Century)

Digital Archaeological Archive of Comparative Slavery - includes garments and personal objects from excavations of slave quarters in America

16th and 17th Century

The Hidden Rules of the Puritan Fashion Police - Sumptuary laws in 17th century America

Elizabethan and Tudor

The Tudor Tailor - research, books, & supplies

England's Forgotten Muslim History



Historical Dresses Undressed - video of what's under dresses from 1750 - 1950

General History

Historical Menswear - Blog covering a range of years in menswear.

Memorial Hall Museum Online - interactive dress-up of American clothing from 1660 to 1910

The Portrait Timeline - Ancient through 1900

Shopping Links


American Duchess - reproduction shoes

Jas Townsend & Sons - Reproduction Clothing for 1750 to 1840

Fort Brands - Old West Shop clothing and shoes

G. Gedney Godwin - 18th to early 19th Century Clothing and Supplies

Costume Armor, Inc - rent, buy, or custom built vacuform armor

Colonial Williamsburg Resource List

Delp Stockings - Purveyor of historic stockings and gloves

Oak Tree Farms - many boots in 19th Century styles

Tailor Made Millinery - custom made hats

Fabric & Notions

Textile Reproductions - fabrics, trims, and notions for historic reproductions

Wm. Booth, Draper - 18th Century Fabrics and notions.

Burnley & Trowbridge Co. - Reproduction 18th Century fabrics, notions, and supplies. They also run workshops.

Reproduction Fabrics - Cotton prints from 1775 to 1950

Najecki's American Revolutionary War Reproductions - custom orders and catalog of reenactment garments and accessories. Historically accurate reproductions.

Textile Reproductions - information about historic fabrics and fabrics to purchase

How To

How To

How to Digitize and Scale Historic Patterns

Siam Costumes Cutting Guides - a selection of historic patterns for research.


How to make 18th Century Stays

How to Floss a Corset

Farthingales Corset Blog


Knitting Reference Library - free downloadable patterns

Patterns of Time - historic patterns from a range of eras

Truly Victorian - 1830 to 1900

Past Patterns - 1789 to 1940s

Sense & Sensibility - Georgian, Regency, & Romantic Eras

Costuming Diary - free historic patterns