The Costumers Collective

A New Kind of Costume Creation

Asian, African, and Native Peoples of the Americas and Australia

Research, shopping, and how-tos. Includes historic clothing of non-European peoples in Europe and North America.

Research Links


Botswanan Metalheads

Wafrica - Japanese-style Kimonos using African fabrics and prints

Africans in America and Europe

Digital Archaeologyical Arcive of Comparative Slavery - view artifacts from platations in the US and Caribbean

People of Color in European Art History - Tumblr

Black Presence: Asian and Black History in Britain - online exhibit for the British National Archives

Asia and India

People in India - Flickr stream, contemporary and traditional clothing

Sari Shopping in India


Frida Kahlo's clothing

Charro Azteca - child sized mexican suits

Middle East

Arab Clothing: The Ultimate Guide

Native Americans

Complete Works of George Caitlin - paintings of Native Amercians from the mid 19th Century

Native Teen Girls from 1870 to 1900


Weddings - traditional world wedding outfits