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Fabric and Trim Sources

Places to purchase Fabric, Trim, and Notions online.

Standard Fashion Fabric & Trim Sources

DG Expo - designer fabric expo selling wholesale.

Harmony Art Organic Fabric - Retailers selling this sustainably sourced cotton.

Insider's Guide to the NYC Garment District - Maps, directory, and more - website attached to the nationwide chain store.

Mood - online store to the NYC favorite; will send swatches for $1 each.

Ribbon Factory - online ribbon resource

Spandex World - online store for the NYC brick and mortar; fantastic selection of stretch fabrics.

Historic Fabric and Trim Sources

Burnley & Trowbridge - 18th Century fabrics and notions.

Electronic Swatchbook - research fabrics from history.

Reproductions Fabrics - reproduces cotton fabric patterns from 1775 to the 1950s.

Textile Reproductions - buy from their catalog or have them recreate one for you.

William Booth, Draper - historically reproduction Revolutionary War Era 18th Century fabrics.

High-Tech and Specialty Sources

Fabric Printing

Spoonflower - digitally printed fabric with your design and no minimum order.

Wearable Tech