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Wearable Technology

Adafruit - a female run company, Adafruit provides products to create your own light up clothing items. Addressable (controlled by a computer) and wearer operated (on/off switch) products sold. - Your basic wearable LEDs with no need to wire yourself

LumiGram - Fiber Optic clothing and fabrics

Spark Fun - for DIY lights, including LED and EL wire. Lights can be addressable (controlled by a computer) or wearer operated (on/off switch).

Stage Blood and Prosthetics

Gravity and Momentum - stage blood company based out of Chicago. They have excellent customer service and provide samples!

Pigs Might Fly - Blood designed by Harry Potter makeup designer Nick Dudman; Ships from London, England

Smooth-On - Prosthetics company selling Dragon Skin, Skin Tite, and Ecoflex to create silicone wounds, masks, and other effects.

Third Degree - a silicone product great for creating realistic wounds and skin effects directly on the body or for reuse.

How-To and Info

A Brief History of Fake Blood - article about the development of blood for movies.

Adafruit How-to page - tutorials on how to create your own LED projects.

Spark Fun How-to page - tutorials on how to create your own light up projects.