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Research, shopping, and how-to links for contemporary fashion.

Research Links


Office Clothing - Seven Menswear Dilemmas and How to Manage Them

Martin Greenfield Men's Suits - a tour of the shop

Women's clothing

How the Clothes Make the First Lady - NY Times article on First Lady fashion

Art Fashion and Haute Couture

Guo Pei at Fashion Week - Haute Couture from China 2017

Iris Van Herpin - Haute Couture 2017

Shopping Links

Custom Made Clothing

Panzai Suits - custom made suits for men and women; religious robes

Fun Clothing

Topatoco - cute and silly pop culture items

Snorg Tees - pop culture graphic t-shirts and other items

Rock Rebel - Rock n Roll clothing

Band Tees - music t-shirts

General Clothing

Cabiria - Plus Size Women's Clothing

Fort Brands - Western Wear


Bandelettes - Thigh coverings to prevent chaffing

Sock Dreams - all kinds of socks

Stocking Store - hose, tights, stockings of all kinds

Undergear - men's underwear


Harmony Art - Organic cotton fabrics


Oak Tree Farms - modern boots with a vintage look

How To

How to make Fleece Mittens


Lekala Sewing Patterns - inexpensive downloads

Bootstrap Fashion - pattern making app