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20th Century Fashion

Research and Shopping Links

20th Century Research


101 Objects that made America - collections at the Smithsonian Institute

African Americans in the 1920s to 1940s

More African Americans in the 1920s to 40s

Blue Jeans through the decades

Costume Institute Fashion Plates - fashion images from the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Dynamichrome - colorized historic photos

Immigrant photos - from the Ellis Island Archives

Messy Nessy Chic - Blog of all things 20th century kitsch

New York Fashion - The Cut web magazine, fashion in NYC through the decades

New York Public Library Digital Collection - images in the public domain

The People History - collection of historic information by decade

Retrowaste - online vintage pop culture museum

Vassar College Costume Collection - research projects from students

Vintage Everyday - Blog with photos of life in the 20th Century

Women's Fashion

African American women - 1920s to 1940s

Glass of Fashion - blog covering 20th century fashion

Multiples Modular Clothing - 1980s fashion

The Queen's Fashion - 90 years of Queen Elizabeth I

Suffregist Clothing - a photo history from 1900 to 1920


Historical Menswear - blog covering men's clothing through history

Martin Greenfield Suit Factory - custom suits made in Queens


Backstage at the Underwear Show, 1940s - photos of 1940s underwear

The Stout Woman - corseting and slimming the larger lady.

Vintage Skivvies - Search pictures and ads in their archives

Research by Decade


French Street Style 1910 - 1914


Women's Style in the 1920s


Beautiful Tomboys of the 1930s - Messy Nessy Chic


Rurual America in the 1940s - Images from a book of FSA photographs





McDonald's Fashions - their 1980s clothing line

New York in the 80s - Images from a book you can purchase

1980s Cheerleaders - catalog images


1990s Fashion in Photos - Photographer collecting people to compare in fashion groups.

Shopping Links


Mod Cloth - vintage and vintage inspired clothes 1920s to 1970s

80s Ts - 1980s T-shirts

Band Ts - Rock n Roll t-shirts back to the 1970s

Doctor Leonard's - Undergarments, shoes, and accessories appropriate for mid-century costume

Vermont Country Store - Carries clothing and accessories from mid-century

Vintage Skivvies - Men's underwear


Suspenders Superstore - suspenders!

Eye Buy Direct - carries vintage look glasses with non-prescription lenses.


Reproduction Fabrics - cotton prints up to 1950s

Thrift Store

Shop Good Will - a grab bag of second hand clothing available to buy online

Udelco - wholesale vintage clothing store in Hawthorne, NJ

Green Village - vintage store located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

How To


Siam Costumes Cutters Guides - download free patterns

1940s Knitting Patterns - from the V&A Museum!


Costume Diary - free historical patterns

Curvy Sewing Collective - links to plus size patterns

Knitting Reference Library - free downloadable patterns

Past Patterns - includes 1900 to 1940s

Patterns of Time - includes 1900 to 1950s